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For all your carpet repairs, call Ian Matthews, serving the greater Wellington area.
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With your carpet off cuts or, mats, I can make quite invisible patches to repair areas where there have been accidents with bleach, nail polish, hair dye, paint, solvent based sealants, animal and pot plant damage, burns etc.

Stain repairs

I can patch carpet that has been stained by hair dye, bleach, nail polish, paint, water marks or any stain that hasn't cleaned out.

Fraying seams

Some joins can become unsightly after time, these can be improved. 

Untidy edges

Lifting, short or just scruffy looking


Do you have problems with slack carpet, bubbles, ripples, puckering, raised edges or floppy carpet?

We can remove unsightly wrinkles in your carpet. This will help to prolong its life.


Refitting carpet to new surfaces after alterations, eg tiles, wood floors , cabinetry, wardrobe systems, walls removed etc. 


Worn carpet edges. Shifting carpet down, patching or replacing steps. Straight, round, bull nosed, flared & hand sewn boot fit for circular stairs.

Carpet Indentations

If your carpet has become flattened in places due to heavy furniture leaving leg or foot impressions, this can be improved by steaming. 

Ian's Background

Wellington born and bred, Ian has been in the flooring trade since starting his apprenticeship at ACME Carpet Planning and Sewing in 1976. Holds NZ Trade Certificate. His wife Claire is the admin person for the business.

A Sole Trader, he will undertake your repair with skill and professionalism. 

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First Hour $210.00

Each Hour thereafter $105.00 per hour.

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